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In my previous epistle I stressed the need for and benefits of physical exercise; Let us not leave out, put off or otherwise omit exercising you head…i.e. brain games. Not only can they be challenging and fun, but you can actually grow brain cells. Can’t remember why you went into the other room, where you put your keys, what’s that guy’s name….you know….doh?!?! There’s an app for that. Google, or put into you search engine on your smart phone, words like cognitive learning, mind puzzles, brain games, math games, word games, etc. and bunches of things come up. A lot of them are free, the rest not that expensive.
I do three solitaire games and four brain games on my phone just to warm up for the online crossword, in which I compete with 2 others in a friendly competitive manner. Played for speed, the fastest wins. That’s usually the woman among we three. A fine example of feminine intelligence she is, though once in a while one or the other of the remaining competitors is very infrequently faster. I’m usually in third place, in case you were wondering.
The brain is a wondrous entity. When injured, it can heal. “Neuroplasticity” It will mean more to you if you look it up than if I tell you.
A study was published in ’05 about the IQ of the American people. Just about half have an IQ less than 100. Apart from the psycho-social-political ramifications of this study, it is clear that we need to make more “smart” phones available to folks. And we all need to use these phones for more than texting and tweeting.
I was in line at the Post Office the other day, waiting for them to open for business. Three of the five of us standing there were tapping away and (gasp!) I was one of them! From pictures I’ve been sent, it seems these phones may be getting in the way of actual socializing face to face. Alas.
On the other hand, the available apps that can stretch your brain muscles can improve mental agility, concentration and peripheral vision. Just the things one needs to drive safely.
So before we all become half – human, half Borg beings linked inextricably to each other by wires and tubes and all of one mind, a possible scenario (star trek), we have to survive intact. Use the fantastic tools available to improve your life in soooo many ways, just…not while driving….Please.

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