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Hurts so good

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” JFK
Yesterday I went to the gym to work out. Haven’t done that in years. But my tummy is beginning to stare back at me in the mirror with its one eye. This is the 3rd time I’ve joined a gym. It usually lasts a couple of months, then a couple more of not going before I actually cancel. “Good things come in three’s” is the old saying, and while I’m not very good with numbers, I will also keep my crosses fingered this time. My trainer said perseverance at first, and later, after I get the body I want, its maintenance. So what that means is that after 2 or 3 months of working out on the machines at least 3 days a week, watching my diet, drinking enough water, et cetera, I’ll only have to come in once a week. That’s fair.
Not that I want to be another ‘Ahnold’. I’ve always thought of myself as a Jimmy Stewart or Henry Fonda kind of guy, and that’s the goal. Just get fit one more time, then maintain…oh and boobs…pecs, to be specific. I could have some fake ones put in, could get liposuction for my tummy too, but…seems like cheating somehow. Plus, I would miss out on the endorphin rush when the exercising is over. If you haven’t heard, endorphins are feel good chemicals produced by the brain. Legal. Nothing to ingest, inhale or insert, no numbers to call, operators aren’t waiting.
So yesterday I dragged myself to the gym, whined all the way there, slogged over to the machines,and did about a half an hour. On the way home I noticed that I was feeling better, both physically and mentally. I’d overcome all the objections from the devil on my left shoulder, and while I didn’t peek, I knew the angel on my right shoulder was smiling knowingly.
Now comes the perseverance. I’ll keep you posted on that. After all, I’m only human, and…and…stuff happens once in a while to get in the way of going to the gym…and…and I’ve got years of wallowing in my propensity for procrastination and sloth to deal with as well, but…hey, I’m not making excuses here…I will overcome. That’ll be my daily mantra. Along with “All I am saying is give health a chance.”
Then there’s the diet. I love hamburgers and fries. There’s a good place near the HPC. Ok, I know I have to cut down on that stuff and eat more fruits and vegetables, no more downing 3/4ths of a cheesecake at one sitting…etc. I’m sure you’ve heard of the benefits of a glass of wine…something about anti-oxidants. Oh and chocolate too. My trainer recommended having a glass of chocolate milk after a workout. That’s it! I’ll buy a package of chocolates and treat myself to one at the end of the day…and a glass of wine. Yup, sound like a good plan to me.
This is where I should say your body is a temple or something, but as I am now a little sore from yesterday’s workout, I have to rush to the store for some chocolate milk, chocolate candy and a bottle of wine.
Oh, by the way, did I mention that at the supermarkets in Sweden they have a wall of candy of all kinds in individual bins, with bags and scoops handy, and all for the same price? What a concept!
Ram Dassnt

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  1. Jim and Cherie Heinz said:

    Similar experiences in our lives. It took a heart attack and cardiac rehab to keep up the exercise for about 8 months. then weather HOT summer and being busy with other things got in the way. So now when we get back to FL the end of October we will try again with the treadmill and exercise bike. Try Aldi’s for cheap chocolate and some of it is European.

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