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Terzackly 24 hours ago I got off a plane from Sweden where I visited with a lady very dear to me. I’d been looking forward to  it for over a year and it was well worth the working and saving and planning. The worst part was the long flight with crying babies (not mine). The best part was being in the moment the entire time. No plans, no agenda, no place I had to be at any particular time, and wherever I was. I was happy to be there. Nothin’ like time with a person you care for, and when it lasts three weeks or more, it can deepen the relationship, especially if they also have the time.
Waking up in the morning with no plans and making it up as you go along together opens doors in the heart and mind. We went shopping and I actually concluded a transaction using only four of the dozen Swedish words I knew. We visited and partied with some of her friends and she translated for me when she felt it necessary. We would stay at her summerhouse a few days at a time and enjoy the sauna, the quiet, and the family of ducks who stopped by daily for a snack.
I’m glad to say that Rock & Roll is alive and well in Sweden, as is the love of American cars from the 50’s and 60’s, all beautifully restored. Also stunning is the countryside, gleaming colors with clear skies, and dotted with round bales of hay wrapped in white plastic. Looked like marshmallows on a bright green tablecloth. We toured churches going back centuries, and the manses of famous artists from the 1800’s. And the food! Most folks I met had vegetables and fruit growing in their backyards, and the rest is grown locally, a lot of it organic. I must have gained ten pounds at least. I remember bright flowers in the windows and gardens of houses we passed. Ahhh!
I guess the message I’m trying to convey here is to make time for friends daily, weekly and however often you can put it together. And when you are together, turn off the TV, throw away the paper and do something you’ve never done before….or not. Warm memories can be made without going anywhere. And if they live in another country, so much the better.You can learn a new language (good for the brain), you will spend quality time with folks you haven’t been with in a while (good for the heart), and you’ll notice that we humans are all pretty much the same (good for world peace).


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  1. Sounds like you’ve had a taste of heaven.

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