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THE END OF THE WORLD IS COMING! According to the Mayans, that is. Of course, if their calculations are just a teensy bit off, we may have a little more time. To do what? Well, Lots of things. There’s that bucket list, but I don’t have enough money yet to do those things…oh well. There’s the mortgage to continue paying on, just in case. Of course, just in case it should happen, maybe we should take the kid’s college money and go on an extended vacation, or maybe put it into building the perfect bomb shelter, stocking it with food , water, guns and bullets and stuff. Mmmm….nah! If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. Nothing I can do about it anyway……So…..
Wait! There might be something. Maybe I could forgive myself for all the mistakes I’ve made. And others…I could forgive them their mistakes. Oh, and while I’m at it, since I don’t really need a wide-screen tv or that new car, maybe I could donate some money to a worthy cause! Ah, but most of the money they get is put toward administration, and once you make a donation they’re always asking for more. I mean, I’ve got more address labels than I’ll ever be able to use. Hmmm…alright then, howzabout donating my time locally? Let’s see…soup kitchen? Nah, they’re mostly winos and drug addicts anyway. Wait a minute. I could mow Mrs. McGuilicutty’s lawn every now and then. Yeah, that’s it! But only if she lets me use my power mower. I don’t see how she can still use that push mower from….what?…50 years ago? Well, we’ll see.
Wow. I had no idea the coming of the end would make me think about things like this. Ah, but people have been predicting these kinds of things for years and they never happen anyway… Still, I suppose I could call the people I care about that I care about them…just in case. And I should hug more..yeah…but some people don’t like that kinda thing. Never hurts to ask, though. I should call some of my old friends, people I haven’t seen or heard from in a while, maybe remember together the good times we shared. Okay, I can do that.
What else?
Oh yah, I used to love to draw when I was a kid. Maybe take an art class. It is all summer reruns on tv anyway. And that guitar Aunt Penelope gave me before she passed. I did promise I would learn to play if she’d give it to me. I remember how well she played. Pretty stuff she made up. Now where did I put that thing? Oooh, and learn a language. I hear it is good for your brain. Grows brain cells. I’m sure I lost a few in some of my early years doing the stupid things I did. French maybe. It is the language of love, they say. Or maybe Swedish. Not as mellifluous as French, but it has a certain lilt to it. And grampa and gramma came from there over a hundred years ago.
Lotsa things to do, but where to find the time? I’ll make time, I guess….or not…..oh well…
Ram Dassnt


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