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Fill in the blank

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”  Will Rogers.

In my own life, I’ve “taken for granted” my partner, and soon assumed they would always be there. After a while, they weren’t. It was very painful. I’d settled in to a routine, not bringing the whole plate home on a daily basis. Complacency in relationships with loved ones need not occur. One in a while you can bring something new to it, something you can share and grow into together by doing it with each other. One asset that might help is to become a good listener, a compassionate listener, non-judgmental, offering your opinion only when asked. Another is to take a moment while going through the normal daily machinations and stopping to give a hug, a kiss, and/or a foot massage. Jewels aren’t necessary. Loving kindness is.

Let’s move on to work. Either it’s a career you love, looking forward to each day with a sense of adventure, or it’s a job and pays the bills, but you’ve always wanted to “fill in the blank”. Many wonderfully creative people I’ve known have settled into complacency and no longer strive to create, leaving little time for it in their average day. The phrase, “Life gets in the way,” comes up in conversations with them.  To a degree, it is also true for me.

How many times has Madonna re-created herself? How many times have you? Have you been playing the same role(s) day after day, ad infinitum? Mother, father, son, daughter, employee, entrepreneur, lover, loner?  Ask yourself, “If I just changed a few things, might life be more fun?” Shake it up a little. Take that Argentine Tango class, slim down and shape up. Learn how to play a musical instrument, learn a new language, write that novel. If you need more time, try working part-time, volunteer, start a non-profit…..Resist Complacency.

That’s why I like living in Austin. There’s an aliveness here I love. But what is done here can be done in Kansas, even if it’s only by you…. in between tornadoes of course. They’re never complacent about tornadoes in Kansas. In San Francisco, it’s earthquakes.

In the financial world we’ve seen the result of complacency in 401K’s being wiped out, businesses going under,  and greed becoming the norm in an  every man for himself world. What happened? Yup, you guessed it. Nobody was watching, nobody cared, we got too comfy. Less than 40% of us voted without doing research on issues or candidates. Enter the nefarious ne-er- do wells.

So personally, professionally, spiritually, and in every other way you can imagine, open your mind to the opportunities to grow in ways of which you’ve only dreamed. It is your movie, you are the star. Drama? Comedy? More choices abound. 

Me? I’m still working on it. Can’t afford to get too comfy.


                                                                      Ram Dassnt

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  1. Lovely…

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