Sparking the Creativity, Love, and Playfulness of the Human Spirit


It’s a phrase that’s part of the social grease, like “please” and “thank you”. Found more often lately at the end of a conversation at the cash register, mandated by management, its become less effective over time. Yet we’ve come to expect it. And that’s the problem. Now it the time that tries men’s (and women’s) creativity. Time to spice things up a little. Lets step away from the usual, now and then, and take the time to enhance these conversation closers. Prepare ahead of time by getting out your thesaurus and looking up alternatives to “nice” and “good”. Synonyms. Then write a few short or long phrases, using words like “especially” and “overhwelmingly” to add even more spice. Then, the next time you hear “Have a nice day”, instead of thoughtlessly responding with “You as well”, or “You too”, or “double back atcha”, try something like….oh I don’t know…maybe….”And may you have an inarguably superific and unquestionably sensational day!”  Do it with a smile and see what happens. A bit of street theater if you will. It’s fun. And if it lifts the mood of the recipient even a mere iota, it’s worth it.
When on the phone with the inevitable tech support person, I usually hear “Is there anything else I can do for you today?” when we’re finished. All part of the script, and much overused but now tolerated. Aha…an opportunity! I usually say “Yes, when you get home from work, kick off your shoes and have a glass of wine or a comparable beverage of your choice.” It takes them out of the drone mode and you might hear a smile in their reply. Spreading joy here and there. It’s a good thing…win-win.
A variation of this form of what I call “enhanced communication” is to take an already much used word and add a few gleeful new endings to them, like stupendatational” or “superific”. Play with this beautiful language we’ve inherited and stretch you brain.. Good mental exercise for both parties in the chat and can create a spark for both in an otherwise exceptionally blah work day.
And imagine if this “caught fire” or “went viral”! Obviously, English is an evolving language and we can all help it do so by playing with it; When I finaly got old enough, it was suggested that I “go outside and play”. What a concept! I’ve been doing so ever since.
This morning I would like to wish you an exceptionally stupendous, almost overwhelmingly glorious and satisfying day.

Ram Dassnt

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