Sparking the Creativity, Love, and Playfulness of the Human Spirit

Then it must be inside you. Let it out. There are many ways to do that; sing, dance, play an instrument. You don’t know how to sing? There’s an app for that. Dance? There are several for that depending on which style you prefer. Play an instrument? Yup, that too. And “how to” videos on youtube for all of this. So no excuses. Time? If you want to learn, you will make time. Singing dancing and playing. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? It is!! There is some work involved in learning these things, but the rewards are worth the effort. If you sing in the shower, that counts. If you dance by yourself when nobody’s home, that counts too. And when you’ve learned how to play one instrument, there are many more to learn.
I play guitar. Not as well as others, but better than some. That’s also true for dancing. ..and singing. It seems like wherever one is on road of creative learning, there’s always someone ahead and someone behind. So go at your own pace. It isn’t a competition. It’s about discovery, and expression and, when you feel you’re ready, sharing.
that’s the scary part. You’ve practiced and practiced and gotten good at one thing and, through an unique set of circumstances you arrived at a point where someone, prefereably a friend at first, asks you to “show me”. GACK!!! You try to beg off, delay, change the subject, excuse yourself to “freshen up” and try to think of a way out. If you succeed in doing that, an almost overwhelming sense of relief, accompanied by an audible “Whew.” occurs. Yet you know that you have just delayed the inevitable. They will ask again.
Or….you face your fears, give it all you’ve got and hope for the best. And it works or it doesn’t. If it does, you’ve just done something you once thought you couldn’t do, and your heart is still beating, and you notice you feel a little bit more alive than you were a few minutes ago. If it doesn’t, you gracefully accept any constructive criticism, and practice some more. Anyone who crushed dreams is not a friend. hear music but there’s no one there…Correction….there is….you. The music is inside you, and there are any number of ways to share it, including showing some one else who wants to learn.
Or you can choose to not share. Free will. You will still benefit from the expression of the music. That’s one of the things i love about it. The learning, singing, playing and dancing will feel good anyway.
I don’t remember who sent me the card, or how long ago, but its been on my shelf for at least 20 years now, yellowing with age around the edges.

DANCE. as though no one is watching

SING as thou no one can hear you

LOVE as though you’ve never been hurt before

LIVE as though heaven is here on earth
To that last one I’d add, “It is”, and doing the above you help you realize that.


Ram Dassnt


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