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The Joys of Disc Golfing

I haven’t done it lately. TOO HOT, if you know what I mean and I think you do. For those who don’t know, I’m talking about walking a golf course, albeit smaller than the kind on which clubs are used, and throwing a plastic disc as far as you can in the direction of the hole. The hole is a standing pipe with chains hanging from the top which ar attached to the outer rim of the basket about halfway down the pole. When you get near it, the idea is to tosse the disc into the basket. Scored pretty much like the other kind of golf, it is a nice way to spend an hour in outdoors; fresh air, sweat, frustration, persistence, friendly competition, and, when you make it into the hole, a sense of really having accomplished something. And its cheap. No green fees, as most disc golf courses are in public parks. No club houses, so bring your own refreshments. No golf carts, so if you’re not up for a bit of hiking, don’t go. If you do, what you’ll find are alot of trees and bushes and water traps. No sand.
Somehow these discs occasionally …disappear. Yes, try as you might to fling it straight, it …veers. Sure you keep an eye on it as it soars, but when you get to where you thought it landed, it isn’t there. If you find it nearby, or way up a tree, or under a particularly verdant bush, consider yourself lucky. All in all a good analogy for life I suppose, but you saw that coming didn’t you?
You know going in that it won’t be easy. All you have to do is stay on the straight and narrow. Make your aim true and let fly. With each game, you take what you’ve learned from the previous games and try to apply it. Many factors apply; wind speed and direction, personal strength, aerodynamics, goal setting and form, among others. There’s even a bit of zen about it. When teeing off, I like to take a moment, calm my mind, envision the path the disc will take to the hole, and glide into the form I’ve developed through infrequent practice and tips from fellow players. (Yes, it’s a social as well as physical exercise) and when it actually lands where I intended, there’s a sort of mini elation, after which I thank the powers that be…just in case.
On a disc golf course, aside from the “real” terrain, is the quality of the people you meet and with whom you may play. These aren’t your corporate honchos, making business deals with others of their ilk. You won’t find folks with the latest, well-shined, cleated shoes and an altitude attitude. I’m talking about blue jeans and t-shirts. And the whole family can do it together. Or you can do it alone. Exercise, problem-solving, sun, fun, and….FREE! Two discs per person is about all you’ll need. Google “disc golf” and I’m sure you’ll find a course near you. Try it, you’ll like it. I guaranty.



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