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Stuck Again?

Oh, Lord, I’m stuck again.

How many times have I realized that I am, once again, immobilized.

Do you get stuck in your life too? There are so many things to get done and so little time nowadays. To get some projects started, one needs more than just time. Sometimes I have to go and do something that is easy to loosen me out of my proverbial rut.

Ok, I’m stuck again. Going to go and cook something to take my mind off of the problem for awhile.

Cooking does it for me. It is like a meditation, where my mind works on my problem at another level. I have a friend who jogs and it just so happens that he gets his best ideas while hoofing it around town. So what does it for you?

I am excited about an upcoming workshop, Getting Un-Stuck, tomorrow, Saturday May 19th. I need help, as the overwhelm is tremendous. How many ways can we get unstuck in our lives? I need to know. I have a few ways that do work for me. They are;

1) Taking my mind off of the problem by doing something else. This one is a repeat, as I’ve already mentioned it. And it works so well that I had to mention it twice.

2) Getting some distance from the issue. Though not as much distance as dragging myself away to cook. In painting, there is a technique where the artist steps back from the canvas to view the painting as a whole. This can work, to see the big picture. One of my favorites, too.

3) A friend once told me that if I was ever in a tight space with people or events, to just sit back and take a breath. It works. I believe that this is all about getting more perspective and oxygen into the mix. Breathing is good. We all need to do more.

4) To not think of everything that needs to be done, as that is too big a bite I can’t chew. If I focus on one thing at a time, the whole process is much easier. It’s like chipping away at the mountain. A little at a time, the mountain will become more manegeble or disappear completely and I don’t even notice it is gone until I run out of things to do.

5) And finally, Move. Yes, moving around is about being physical. And the more I move, the less everything is a large overwhelming, unsolvable problem. Even if it is dancing around the living room in your jammies, or jousting with the broom, any movement counts as getting into an unstuck frame of mind.

So, if you are like me and get stuck in any area of your life, check out the upcoming Getting Un-Stuck workshop on May 19, from 10 am till 4pm. I have a feeling that this workshop will fill up fast. So come join us in rearranging our priorities and ‘git ‘er done’.


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