Sparking the Creativity, Love, and Playfulness of the Human Spirit

…..or Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift.

 So how much are your dragging along with you? The BIG one usually has to do with relationships. A sub-category or three might involve parental/societal expectations, lost loves, and dear friends who have passed away. 

Parental/societal expectation? I bought the whole schmear. Right up till I had to choose to stay in the cold, drab town  in which I was born, work at the local factory, find a woman, buy a house, settle down and retire in thirty years, or take the road less traveled and grab the opportunity facing me, and move to the west coast to “who knows what” kinds of adventures. I chose the latter and have never regretted it.

Ah….lost loves. Yes, I left my heart in San Francisco. Three years after arriving there, I returned to my hometown to recuperate from a love found and lost. Three years later the girl I left behind contacted me, we reconnected and I moved back to the coast to be with her. Three years after that it was over again. But instead of licking my wounds in the city of my birth, which I’d now left twice, I toughed it out, stayed, and unfortunately carried that scar with me until recently when I took a course at The Human Potential Center which cleared a few things up for me and I was able to let go and open my heart and mind to new possibilities. If I’d only known then what I know now…a phrase that goes through my mind when thinking about past mistakes. Regrets? I have a few. Nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

Friends and family? Many friends have passed away. People with whom I’ve shared joys, adventures, sorrows, and most importantly love. They all left too soon, yet they did so knowing I cared. Life without them is somewhat diminished, yet remembering the good time always brings a smile.

Family? As of last week, with the passing of my sister, I became the last member of the family into which I was born. I loved them all and they are gone. As each of them succumbed to the inevitable, I slowly realized that time is more limited than it used to be, and daily come to savor the NOW more and more.

To the title of this missive, I’d like to add a few amendments. When you look back, and you will, remember the good. When you look ahead, and you will, do so with your heart open, a smile in your heart, and a nod to those who’ve helped you get this far. Look out…enjoy whatever you are doing, find your way back to NOW whenever you notice you’ve gotten lost in the past or future.

“Yesterday is history”. Learn from it.

” Tomorrow is a mystery”.  Take the lessons from yesterday and use them.

Today is a gift”. Now is all there is. Ride lifes emotional waves with grace and return to the place inside where calm exists.

 The Human Potential Center has ways to assist you in doing all that.

    namaste….Ram Dassnt

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