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The Personal Value of Healthy Self-Esteem

The Personal Value of Healthy Self-Esteem

Feeling the value of healthy self-esteem is like realizing the value of having health insurance.

Having access to good health insurance can comfort your worries about finding help when feeling ill, give you access to trained professionals that can offer you sound advice as how to best handle health issues, and offer a sense of security that can help make health-related decisions easier.

Like health insurance, healthy self-esteem can keep you protected from people and circumstances that trigger your self-doubt, or self-criticism.and prompt you to seek help or advice from others, including trained professionals, when an event in your life conflicts with your self-image.

Healthy or high self-esteem has, in the past, been described as a way to reach great material success or have the ‘perfect’ life, or in terms of a way to approach life to get the relationships or achievements you desire. Self-esteem isn’t a lot of times talked about in a light that makes self-esteem a personally fufilling trait to have and to nuture or maintain.

Healthy Self-Esteem Protects You

Having a healthy sense of self-esteem can keep you from continuing or forming un-healthy relationships in your personal life or taking on too many responsibilites or stressful situations at work by forming a giving you an emotional presence that will prompt you to end or get out of a situation that someone says or does something that is emotionally disturbing or if you are in a physically taxing or stressful situation because that high self-esteem can’t exist in personally disresepctful situations.

It is key that once your mind or body prompts you either with the thought ‘I don’t feel comfortable’ or the sensation of discomfort arises that you attend to it as soon as is reasonable possible.

That sensation is your ‘voice’ or self voicing your limit. It’s natural and healthy to have limits that allow you to not have to do ‘everything’ for employers or loved ones. Attitudes formed previously in a person’s life or threatening circumstances can trigger feelings of un-worthiness and / or selfishness, but taking care of yourself if not something you are unworthy of or are doing so out of selfishness. In fact, that desire to take care of yourself is innate and natural and has to be minded to tend to our very real and valid emotional needs to be safe and loved.

I would recommend to anyone reading this to spend some time either remembering or imagining how it feels to be truly respected and try to pull up that image the next instance we feel like our self-respect crumbling. I can tell you that once you open yourself up to the reality that you deserve to have that feeling in your life and learn to enjoy that feeling of genuine respect and acceptance that you will have the strength to form healthier circumstances in your relationships with others, but also within the relationship you have with yourself.

Healthy Self-Esteem Can Prompt You to Seek Help

If you have healthy self-esteem and a realistic sense of your self, you will be more likely to seek help to bolster your self-image when the integrity of that self-image is threatened because you will have a strong sense of what a happy self feels like and will want to maintain that sense if your equilibrium gets thrown off.

A person with self-esteem would be more quickly challenge a relationship or circumstance that has become difficult-to-maintain peace within or at the very least seek out the help, in the form of receiving support from a friend, loved one, or therapist in the aim of returning to a more healthy and stable emotional ‘place’.

If you struggle with maintaining a consitent and stable sense of self-respect or self-esteem, you may be interested in a workshop The Human Potential Center’s Robert McGarey is offering on self-esteem titled. Building Sound Self-Esteem. This wotrkshop begins today and runs for the next 4 Wednesdays. If you are interested in learning more about the subject matter of the workshop, please check out the listing on the website of The Human Potential Center at: or by calling The Human Potential Center at 512-441-8988.

Suffering with poor self-esteem can be difficult, but if you feel you have attitudes or behavior that interfere with your ability to properly for yourself, know that gaining healthier self-esteem is possible to gain with self-acceptance and self-compassion. If you are on the fence about seeking out professional help or support, healthier self-esteem is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. (And it’s affordable.) 🙂

Comments on: "The Personal Value of Healthy Self-Esteem" (1)

  1. Christina said:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful article. I’ve read many self-help books and articles about self-esteem. Unfortunately, many authors seem to see it as a kind of “Bravado” or an aggressive way to get what you want. Now I see it as a form of self-protection. I see it as the ability to edit who and what effects you so you can maintain and grow what you value in yourself.

    I also love that you gave your readers a quick way to return to a balanced sense of self-esteem. Once, when I was buying a psychology CD, the woman processing my order kept calling me “Doctor.” She treated me with more honor and respect than I had ever experienced in my life! I will remember that conversation in the future when I’m confronted with people who seek to degrade, manipulate or mislead me.

    Please do whatever is necessary to continue writing. You have a gift and insight that needs to be shared with the world! Thanks again for your help.

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