Sparking the Creativity, Love, and Playfulness of the Human Spirit


Everyday there are many tasks and responsibilities to accomplish. Usually, taking time during the day to eat healthy meals or get an amount of sleep that gives us the rest needed to engage the activities during the day with vitality, but all too often time needed to relax and rest gets doesn’t get the emphasis that it deserves.

Many illnesses arise from the effects of over-stressing the mind and body. These illness can by physically catastrophic or chronically draining in an emotional or mental sense, but either way the effects of these illnesses can be lessened by taking time to relax and rest at some point every day.

Techniques for relaxation include more formalized activities like meditation or yoga, and also simply sitting down in a comfortable chair and allowing yourself to breathe deeply for a period of 20 minutes.

If your schedule is so frantic that you can’t spare 20 minutes, (you may want to hire an assistant. 😉 then try five or ten minutes. It’s best to have a set time to relax, possibly right when you return home after work or after alot of social activity, but I’ve heard of people meditating in the morning and being able to meditate more deeply than they otherwise would be able to since the mind would be more ‘clear’ and fresh from just waking up.

The renowned Mayo Clinic recommends these relaxation techniques.

I can personally attest to being able to enjoy experiences more deeply after feeling relaxed rather than tense or stressed. The serenity can have spill-over effects to relationships with your family and friends and co-workers as you would be more engaged socially.

So, if after reading this you are still on the fence as to take the time out to relax just for yourself or if you are thinking that relaxation is an indulgence, do it for the planet. If you are relaxed and calm just ‘that’ much more then next time your anger is triggered and you feel like lashing out but because of your relaxation you maintain your integrity, I am sure that person being confronted will thank you….

But do it for yourself too. 😉

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