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a HUGE Setback

Today I ran my first normal, regular run in six and a half weeks. I’ve been flat on my back for most of that time, dealing with some sort of respiratory congestion/infection that had me in its grips. I got sick while I was at the conference in Maine, and it has taken FOREVER to get over it. I had been doing pretty well keeping on a schedule prior to getting sick, training for the marathon in February. What will I do now? This has set me back enormously.

I have no idea if I can run the marathon now. I’m back to where I was on August 18th, a full three months ago. Then, I had six months to train and get in shape for the marathon. Now I’ve got half the time. I have to reevaluate my training, train twice as fast, and I frankly don’t know if I can do it.

I’ll need lots of help, but I’m not sure even what kind yet. And I still have some congestion in my chest. AND, the holidays are coming up; they’re not generally the best time to lose weight and take time away from family and friends to go running for long periods of time.

Dang it!


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