Sparking the Creativity, Love, and Playfulness of the Human Spirit

What: Video Explorations: Rock My World with Peter O’Toole
When: Tonight, October 16, 2010 from 6-10:30pm.
Where: The Human Potential Center, 2007 Bert Ave Austin, TX 78704
Who: Open to the public, 18 years and older
Cost: Free

More Info: Most Saturday nights, you’ll find us watching a popular movie here at the Center in a fun, informal atmosphere. Then we have a discussion. We don’t discuss the movie, though; we discuss personal growth issues and themes that came up in the movie. So we’re not doing a “Siskel and Ebert” type of review, but rather an in-depth personal growth process that helps us get to know ourselves and each other better. During the discussion we learn and practice essential communication skills like I-Statements and Open-Ended Questions, so that we can apply them more effectively in the rest of our lives. Each month there’s a different general topic for the videos, ranging from Relationships to Overcoming Obstacles to Remarkable People. Come join us!

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