Sparking the Creativity, Love, and Playfulness of the Human Spirit

What: Volunteer at The Human Potential Center
When: September 26, 2010 from 10:00-3pm.
Where: The Human Potential Center, 2007 Bert Ave Austin, TX 78704
Who: Open to the public
Cost: Free

More Info: We need volunteers this coming Sunday to help get our on-campus apartments ready for occupation. We’ve got renters planning to move in starting October 1st and we need to get the spaces ready for them. Since the apartments provide reliable, ongoing financial support for the Center, and since our new renters (who will become our newest members!) are counting on us, we really want to make this happen by October 1st!

Come in your work clothes, with your work tools and materials (sanding, mudding, taping, sheetrock, primer, paint brushes…) and cleaning supplies. Feel free to bring snacks, music, and anything else you can think of that will make this event fun for you and the others who attend!

Please let us know via MeetUp if you’re coming and what construction and/or repair skills you have. You can also RSVP by emailing Bob: bob (at) humanpotentialcenter (dot) org.

Thank you so much for all your efforts over the years in supporting the Center. We continue our search for sustainable revenue sources. Your help with this project will move us closer to long-term stability in supporting the creativity, the love and the playfulness of the human spirit – right here in South Austin.


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