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That’s ALMOST Right…

5 miles in 65 minutes at 193 pounds.

I wrote in my previous post that all it takes is to keep putting one foot in front of the other for long enough, and I will have finished the marathon. Well, that’s almost right. It also takes a lot of planning, correct nutrition, a reasonable, gradually-increasing running schedule, attention to my ergonomics at work and the firmness of the mattress when I sleep, proper sleep, rest and relaxation, some sports massage, and probably a new pair of running shoes. So it’s not just a matter of persistence, it’s also a matter of forethought and wisdom.

For example, I obviously need to find out when the Austin Marathon is being held, and how I sign up for it. Then I want to plan out my longer runs every other weekend so I can work up to the correct level in time for the marathon. So the planning begins now!


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