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A Longer Run

7 miles in an hour and 35 minutes

I’m thrilled to report that I felt good enough to complete a longer run than I’ve done in 6 months or so. I wasn’t even planning on it, and when I got to the far point of my “regular run,” I just felt like continuing, so I went down the big hill on Robert E. Lee Road and continued on to the water fountain at Barton Springs Road.

Though I felt some twinges in my left sole and the muscles around both hips, my lower back itself did not seem to mind the extra miles and I barely noticed anything at all going on in my sacroiliac. So I guess the rest I gave it made a difference, along with massages from Pam and changing the ergonomics of my office desk. I still suspect my bed may be too soft, though, so I’m working on replacing the mattress with a firmer one. (When I was a kid, sleeping on a mattress that bowed down in the middle made my back hurt, and I’m guessing the same dynamic may be at play here.)

So anyway, here’s to achieving the next level in my 26-mile goal!


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