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Short run

2 miles in 20 minutes

I did a short run today because I’m still having that darn discomfort with my lower back. Is it my shoes? My stride? My stretching? My mattress? Do I just need to give it time to heal? If so, how much time? Is it good to run a little while it’s healing?

So I’m confused. I’m sure I still love to run, I’m just not sure how my body is going to take it. I do know that getting massages for my legs is a good thing; my co-worker Pam, who’s a massage therapist, is giving me a sports massage every couple of days and I know that is beneficial. It’s just everything else that I’m having trouble figuring out.

I will say, though, that because the “cold” front came through, it was a MUCH nicer run than it has been recently. The low 90’s rocks!


Comments on: "Short run" (3)

  1. Randy Kroeker said:

    Hey there Bob, perhaps you need to work on your VW Camper oil change technique. I’m sure John Muir wrote a chapter on “How to Keep Your VW Alive and your Back in Shape at the Same Time.”

    Ciao from an old friend.

    • Randy,

      What a HOOT to hear from you! YA DONE GOOD with your comment about my blog! How many years has it been since we were together at Johnston College???? Thirty-some, I believe. How ya doing? Come down to Austin in February and we can run in the marathon together! VW bus or no VW bus!


      • Randy Kroeker said:

        Good to connect! “YA DONE GOOD”… I remember that being one of your fun phrases, it was from a TV detective show, wasn’t it? Lorraine found you on Facebook, she/we will make more in-depth contact there, share some pictures of family, talk some more. PS. We crossed the continent a few times in that ’66 VW bus, in ’85 sold it to a surfer dude in Ventura California who was going to do a full restoration.


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