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Running Insights

Yesterday when I was running, I saw a dead opossum by the side of the road. It got me thinking about my sister and my Dad who died within the last couple of years, and I noticed all those old feelings coming back up. There was sadness and longing, and I let myself feel those sensations for as long as they wanted to stick around. After a while, my mind wandered on to other things, and those feelings drifted away.

One of the things I like best about running is the open space it gives me to allow feelings, thoughts and insights to surface and take their natural course in my consciousness, whatever that might be. It is an extremely fertile time for me, providing lots of new ideas and insights. Most importantly, it provides space for me to process through feelings that may still need some additional time and attention from me. When I let them come out of hiding and welcome them into my awareness, they don’t need to sneak up from behind, trip me up, and hit me over the head with a two by four! I think a bit of discomfort now in exchange for less pain later is a savvy bargain.


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