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Resting day

Today was a resting day in between running, so I didn’t get any additional exercise today. However, I did work about 11 hours today at the Center, what with a board meeting and a 2-1/2 hour Personal Growth Session with a client, so I guess it wasn’t exactly a resting day.

I’ll try to get some good sleep tonight, because letting go / relaxing / resting / recuperating is a really important part of effective exertion. I know that, and so I work really hard at getting a good night’s sleep, which doesn’t always come easily for me. Last night, I was able to get a full 8 hours only through using a castor oil pack — one of my favorite home remedies.


Comments on: "Resting day" (2)

  1. Bob, if you ‘work really hard at getting a good night’s sleep’, it doesn’t seem to be the most relaxed way to get some rest. Where’s a good sleepologist when you need him/her/it?

  2. Well, I’d better work real hard at finding one!

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