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Yeah, it’s hot, but…

An hour and 20 minutes. That’s how long I ran this morning. I went a little longer than usual, but the last 10 minutes of this run go down (and up, when coming back) a very steep hill on Robert E. Lee Drive.

Perhaps the DHEA is helping, or maybe my general constitution is basically optimistic, but for whatever reason, I’m feeling much better today. And I always seem to feel better when I run. Even though it was hot (have I mentioned that it’s hot outside??), this was a beautiful day to run. The sky is a startling blue, with wisps of gorgeous white clouds strewn across it.

I feel so free and alive when I run. I’m sure it has something to do with breathing more deeply; I probably don’t breathe as deeply as I’d be wise to in the general course of the rest of my life. But when I run, ah then, the world is open to me and I can take it in and connect with everything around me.

So I have 6 months to train before the marathon, more or less. That makes 26 weeks and — of course — 26 miles to run. So I figure I can add about a mile a week and get there! I’ll figure out a more nuanced training schedule as I go, but that thought makes it seem achievable.

I noticed some twinges in my knees in the first few minutes of my run, and my left arch cramped a bit after I got back from the run. (Would anyone mind if I called that my “arch” enemy?) But all in all, a pretty auspicious start for my training!


Comments on: "Yeah, it’s hot, but…" (1)

  1. jurimellencamp said:

    Keep going with that “optimistic constitution.” Perhaps it’s contagious?!! 🙂

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